Raising a Loving Heart

look like flowerThe day I found out that I was going to have three sons, my friend found out she was going to have a son, too. She looked at me with such an awed expression, pointing out that we were getting our chance to raise men who could be amazing husbands and fathers. I’ve carried that sentiment around with me consciously in the nine years I’ve been raising these little men. So it was with double pleasure that I opened my laptop this morning to find this note from one of my sweet boys. This makes me feel good as the mommy who is receiving this praise from her son, and as the mommy who is raising her son to be loving to his spouse and children one day. What a fabulous surprise.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Good personal news from real people makes my day. I’m glad you seem to be having so much fun with those boys of yours, especially since you’ll blink, and they’ll be off to college! I have a sophomore and junior in college at the moment, who I’m happy for and proud of for becoming such amazing young adults, but I so miss my girls!

  2. Deborah says:

    Thanks for your note, Trish. I could easily lose sleep over that blink. Well done with your amazing young adults! Hope they call, visit, and Skype you often.

  3. bette palmquist says:

    Hi Deborah, been a long time since I heard from you.
    I am having a lot of trouble with my computer and no one seems to know what to do for it!! Keep me on your ‘list of admirer’s, please. bette

  4. Deborah says:

    Take care of yourself in this harsh winter, B!