Who Knew Motherhood Turns You Into a Punctuation Mark?

question mark girl Tuesday afternoon…
Son sitting next to me: “Mom, did they have cars when you were a kid?”
Me: “Of course!”
Son sitting on the other side of me: “Oh, you mean like the crank kind, right?”
Me, to the Heavens: Seriously????
Wednesday morning…
Me, on the front porch: “Stop stomping all the ants! We’ve got to get to school. I’ll figure out how to take care of them later. Let’s go!”

Thursday morning…
Me, on the front porch: “Who put out a plate of chocolate Cheerios and milk on the porch for the ants?!”

Friday morning…
Me, my dripping arm reaching from the shower, fumbling fruitlessly around the sink counter: “Who took my towel? I just put it here? Who took it? Can someone bring me one? Hello? Hello!?!!!”

Dare I wonder if Friday morning’s event was related to Wednesday or Thursday’s events? Nah . . . my sweet sons wouldn’t do that . . . would they?

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  1. Diane says:

    I felt comfort in reading this.