Is It Any Wonder They Want Surf Lessons?

dog surfingI surf. Not beautifully, but I haven’t drowned yet, so I say it counts as surfing. Apparently dogs also surf. I know because we got to watch surfing dog championships this weekend at Dog Beach. The canines made surfing look easier than I make it look – perhaps because they are standing on all four of their legs, while I have two arms free to flail wildly as I’m flung shoreward on my board. Whatever. The important fact is that the dogs and I both have a lot of fun doing it. And my family and I had a great time watching the dogs do it this weekend. My favorite competitor was Dozer, the surfing bulldog. The boys’ favorite was Kiwi, a dog as small as the name implies.

I think I smell a picture book in this. I know I smell surf lessons for my sons.

Dozer the surfing dog

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  1. marianne says:

    Great story….they boys could borrow JAX or Gabby.

  2. I love the bulldog too!
    I bet that would make a great picture book for you to write, Deborah! :)

  3. Bette Palmquist` says:

    I always watch these dogs on TV shows and they are just super dogs!! Wonder if there are any books written about dogs that surf and roller skate??
    Just know you must have had a good time watching this!
    Boston bette

  4. Deborah says:

    Do not give them ideas….

  5. Deborah says:

    We were about hip-deep in the water ourselves – and the dogs surfed right past us! It was fun, indeed.

  6. Deborah says:

    Just looking at that bulldog made me happy. It seemed the most natural thing for him to be standing on that board. Something about his low center of gravity, maybe. Other dogs shifted, squatted, and the like, but he just stood as naturally as if he were waiting for a bus at the corner. Loved him!