Why I No Longer Blink

I never know what my sons will look like from minute to minute. This morning, when the first born of my six-year-olds waved bye-bye to me at his classroom door, he was missing a front tooth. This afternoon, when he waved hello to me at the classroom door, he had TWO missing front teeth and a gorgeous new lisp.

I love six-year-olds.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Diane D'Andrade says:

    Proud? Happy ? Loving the lis? Almost grown!

  2. Elizabeth varadan says:

    That was just so charming!

  3. Deborah says:

    Totally charming, Elizabeth! Should I mention that the Tooth Fairy forgot to come last night? Yikes. Poor little guy. I have a feeling the Tooth Fairy will be extra generous tonight.

  4. bette says:

    Welllllllll Aren’t we the cutest guy in the class!!!!!! Do the other two have any missing yet?
    I still have pictures of my girl with front teeth missing—brings back sweet memories!
    Boston bette–what do Tooth Fairy’s charge with the rising costs etc??